Data Stewardship Alliance

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  1. David Fulker, UCAR/Emeritus & OPeNDAP Board
  2. Ted Habermann, NOAA/NESDIS/NGDC
  3. Mohan Ramamurthy, UCAR/Unidata


In this session we engage participants in discussing the merits and nature of a potential data-stewardship alliance—as yet only in its conceptual stage—premised on the basis of broad, cross-agency needs for support services and tools that foster interoperability and address other data-creation and data-provision problems.

A tentative mission for the Alliance is: Supporting the community in creating, publishing and stewarding meaningful earth & space data for world-wide, cross-disciplinary discovery, use and citation.

We set the stage by outlining the nature of the problem and a possible solution, capitalizing on the conveners’ experiences with the Unidata Program as an example of how common tools and services can foster a sense of community and support the common good. We put forth a number of “straw-man” characteristics for the proposed alliance, intending that they stimulate debate, discussion and/or eventual agreement on the value and timeliness of the concept.

Looking for a Great Acronym

Every great idea needs a great acronym.

Our current idea is SADIS: Stewardship Alliance for Data-Intensive Science

We clearly need some improvement. Please let one of the conveners know if you have an idea - or add it here!