Air Quality Information System and GEOSS: India Air Quality and CATHALAC Applications

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A Concept Proposal contains necessarily the following information to support the evaluation:

  1. project team leader’s name and contact information;
  2. implementing organizations and partners;
  3. initial description of project concept, including description of the decision or problem needing improvement and the application of Earth observations, data, or model products;
  4. intended beneficiaries and anticipated benefits and improvements;
  5. anticipated duration of project; and
  6. level of experience with Earth observations and type of assistance requested (if any).

These Concept Proposals are intended as a way to minimize initial efforts of project teams so that only projects of interest will prepare Full Proposals. However, the Concept Proposals need to contain sufficient information to enable the review panels’ evaluation and GEO support to the projects.

This section describes the main objectives of the project. It describes the proposed activities, technical approach, and methodology to apply Earth observations to improve the decision making. It describes efforts to transition results and ensure the sustained use of the Earth observations after the completion of the project.

CFP supports projects connecting the parts of this diagram to �demonstrate societal benefits from Earth observations and GEOSS. GEOSSUIC Diagram.png