Talk:Air Quality Information System and GEOSS: India Air Quality and CATHALAC Applications

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Draft inputs for GEO Proposal -- Sethi 15:56, 29 May 2009 (EDT)

Stefan Ratish and I put together some thoughts. Attaching for your perusal and review.

We hope that it is in line with what was expected. Please use as you see appropriate. If you need further details etc from us, please let me know. Thanks. Look forward to your draft by Tuesday.

Re: Draft inputs for GEO Proposal -- Erinmr 15:57, 29 May 2009 (EDT)

Sethi and Ratish, Thank you so much for providing the information on the India AQ DSS application. It is a tremendous help and right in line with the kind of things were were hoping to work on. I've added the content from your word doc to the workspace where we are drafting the response to this CFP.

Just an update: We had a telecon this afternoon and discussed the CFP with one of the creators of the CFP, Lawrence Friedl (NASA). He provided clarification on a few aspects of the proposal below:

  • Each GEO proposal should target one particular user so the proposal with you at IIT Bombay will be separate from a similar application in Central America. The hope is that by being more specific about location and users the project specific needs will be clearer.
  • The IT and educational aspects are good parts of the project, but should be enabling/facilitating end-users to walk away with better decisions. Proposals shouldn't just promote training or IT.
  • There are three types of proposals: Differentiation between Type I - aren't using Earth Observation data and but interested in learning how to use and Type II - currently using Earth obs, but may want to incorporate other types of Earth observations into their work. There aren't clear distinctions between the two and Lawrence thought these could be either type I or II. Type I projects may need more support, financial and expertise. Type II may already have funding, but just need help getting data.

There is also a chance that the deadline will be extended, but either way we are accumulating the content now and a coherent draft should be evolving now.

Thanks again for your contributions, we are really looking forward to this collaboration.. Feel free to edit the wiki and make any changes as you want. I've also added this conversation to the wiki discussion page and we can continue idea evolution there as well.

GEO Proposal Type -- Stefan Falke (Sfalke) 09:17, 1 June 2009 (EDT)

It seems this proposal falls in either a Type I or Type II proposal. Type I seems to be more conceptual and in need of using earth observations to address the concept. Type II seems to already being using earth observations and seeks to incorporate additional earth observations. Since the proposed project is leveraging other projects (funded through other sources) using earth observations (surface) and seeks to add other (satellite), should we classify this as a Type II?