AQWG Jan2010 Meeting

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The Air Quality Workgroup will be meeting during the ESIP Winter Meeting to discuss and plan upcoming collaboration activities, including the newly forming GEO Air Quality Community of Practice and the next phase of the GEO Architecture Implementation Pilot. There will also be an opportunity for brief (10 minutes or less) updates of air quality related projects and other topics for discussion.

January 5 (Tuesday)[edit | edit source]

1:30-4:45 (scheduled break from 3:00-3:15)
Room: Freer A

Topics for discussion (you are welcome to add other topics):

January 6 (Wednesday)[edit | edit source]

2:00-5:30 (scheduled break from 3:30-4:00)
Room: Freer A

Topics for brief presentation (10 minutes), focused on areas seeking community feedback and/or participation (you are welcome add other topics)

  • Completion of topics from Tuesday (if necessary)
  • CEOS Atmospheric Composition Portal - Stefan Falke (Northrop Grumman and Washington University)
  • GloPac - Don Sullivan (NASA-Ames)
  • HTAP Network - Rudolf Husar (Washington University)
  • AirTwitter - Erin Robinson (Washington University)
  • Discussion of satellite monitoring of greenhouse gases and opportunities/needs
  • __

January 7 (Thursday)
10:00-12:00, we will be meeting jointly with the Environmental Decision Making Breakout Group in the Phillips Room

Remote Participation
Our meeting room on Tuesday and Wednesday will have a speakerphone and we will set up a GoToMeeting session.
Details to follow.