2009 Air Quality Workgroup Report

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP Air Quality Workgroup Report

January 2010

Highlights from the Air Quality Workgroup’s activities

  • GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot, Phase II (Sept 2008 – May 2009)
    • Coordination of the AIP Air Quality Working Group
    • Contribution of Air Quality Community Catalog and Portal as part of an Air Quality Community Information Infrastructure and its connection to the GEOSS Common Infrastructure
  • ESIP data access demonstration at the International Symposium for Remote Sensing of the Environment (ISRE) in Stresa, Italy (May 2009)
    • Organized a panel discussion on Air Quality and GEOSS
    • Contributed air quality demonstration for ESIP booth
  • Air Quality Meeting at Summer ESIP Meeting in Santa Barbara
    • Organized and coordinated meeting that assembled key participants across academia, government and industry to discuss next steps in networking the air quality community
  • Air Twitter FUNding Friday project
    • Provided development platform for a twitter application that ‘listens’ to tweets and identifies air quality events
  • GEO Air Quality Community of Practice
    • Facilitated formation of the new international Community of Practice
  • GEO Plenary VI (November 2009)
    • Helped organize an air quality meeting that included US and international participants and was instrumental in formation of GEO Air Quality Community of Practice
    • Provided an air quality poster for the ESIP booth

FY09 Budget

  • Total budget of $13K
    • $10K used to assist in the contribution an air quality community service catalog and portal to the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot
    • $3K used to offset some travel expenses for participants to the Santa Barbara ESIP Summer meeting and the associated air quality meeting

Work Plan for 2010

  • Session at EPA National Air Quality Meeting (March 2010)
  • Participation in GEOSS AIP-3 (kick-off expected in March)
  • Conduct a virtual workshop to develop(?)test best practices on interoperability of data systems

Vision/Plan?? for 2010-2015

Call for participation in articulating a vision for AQWG activities 2010-2015. Have an idea, suggestion or vision for the ESIP AQWG? Add your thoughts here.

R. Husar on AQ WG 2015

  • 2005-2010: Phase I - Formation of the network, activities mostly serendipitous, persistent tangible outcomes limited
    • 'Social Networking' (within US), e.g. telcons, ESIP meetings, wiki
    • Coordinate participation in larger programs, e.g. GEO AIP 1, 2, 3.
    • Ad hoc sharing of tools, methods, resources, e.g. wiki, workspaces, 'namespaces',

  • 2010-2015: Phase II - Stable network with legitimacy and governance, outcomes that are required and produced by community
    • ESIP AQWG to be a node and a key contributor to a Global AQ Information Network a la GEOSS
    • Tangible community-produced outcomes e.g. AQ Community Catalog, Portal, incl. tools
    • Broad set of community-contributed shared resources along the data-knowledge continuum

You on AQ WG 2015

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