AQCluster Telecons 29Feb08

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Carol Meyer
Frank Lindsay
Erin Robinson
Rudy Husar
Bruce Caron
David McCabe
Terry Keating
Heidi Paulson

McCabe: Lack of follow-on from Data Summit. No activity on wiki. David has reconfigured wiki pages so that they are not isolated behind the Data Summit front page.
Robinson: Multiple events constitute a community. Suggests a community space that is a combination of structured and unstructured space (profiles, etc).
McCabe: Concerned about a proliferation of pages. Focus users on a small set of pages.
Robinson: Improve the way to find material and facilitate reuse of pages.
Husar: Think of a page dedicated to a system made up of a set of profile content. Subsets of the profile can be dynamically pulled together into a new page (a new "view").
Husar: Community comes together for discrete activity that has high energy for short period of time. After event, activity decreases. They create artifacts but then disappear. How can the knowledge, experience and artifacts from one cluster activity be transferred to next cluster activity. Use wikis to help with that - serve as institutional memory. Use them for harvesting and reusing of content in the ebb&flow of cluster activities.
Robinson: 90% lurk, 9% kind-of participate, 1% actively participate
Action Item for Cluster: Reconfigure AQ Cluster "home page" to make it easier to find and understand cluster content.
Action Item: Broadcast GEOSS AQ&Health scenario to broader audience (ACCENT)