Community Air Quality Data Systems Strategy

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners

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Initial Outline for Community Air Quality Data Systems Strategy Word doc by Rich Scheffe, March 05, 2008

Introduction and Purpose

Refine Air Quality Data System Vision and Goals

Continue communications started at the data summit

  • Improved system interoperability and efficiencies
  • Reducing redundancies
  • Increase awareness of existing systems

Client and User Group Identification

Solicit Advice on Data System Evolution and Assessment

Advise EPA and other organizations on Air Quality Data System IT Issues

Process for moving forward

  • Conference calls, wiki, etc.

Inventory of Current Air Quality Data Providers

Inventory of Data Enabling or Hub Systems

Mapping system connections and communications (based on 2 and 3)

  • Spreadsheet (S. Falke’s) matrix and schematic(s) of system inflows and outflows
  • Tabular condensing of system attributes

Desired Characteristics of Air Quality Data Systems

Data Systems Architecture

Recommended Data Formatting and Interoperability Protocols

Preferred Data Manipulation and Visualization Attributes

Data System Governance and Sustainability

Assessment of System Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Compare systems with attributes defined in (5)

EPA systems assessment


Early near term opportunities

  • EPA AMI IT cyberinfrastructure proposal
  • HEI second stage
  • Internal EPA