Wiki Quick Start

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Navigating the wiki

  • Back links - Some pages have back links at the top of the page to go back to a workspace or major listing of similar pages
  • What links here? - In the toolbox on the left hand navigation, there is a link to "What links here". This is a list of all pages linking to this page
  • All Pages list - For all wiki pages see Special:All Pages
  • New Pages list - For new pages (good if you loose a page) see Special:New Pages
  • Tagged Page list - For all pages in a particular category, click on the category at the bottom of a page in that category.

Create an account/Log in

Anyone can read the wiki, however to participate you must log in.

  • How to create an account
  • Check to see if you already have an account - User List

Participate on the wiki

Watch Pages

For activities that you are following, click the watch tab. This will notify you of changes made to the page by e-mail. To see all pages you are watching click 'My Watchlist' in the upper right corner. This is also good for easy navigation, i.e. Your favorites on the wiki.

Edit Pages

  • To edit click any of the [edit] buttons next to sections (edit only that section) or click the edit tab at the top of the page
  • A notepad window appears. Type text, make changes, or paste from document.
  • The wiki has a syntax for formatting. Help on this is located at the bottom of each edit window for a reminder. For more details see Meta.Wikimedia Editing Help
  • Make sure to SAVE often. If you navigate away from the edit window, your work will be lost.

Discuss Pages

Each wiki page has a companion discussion. Click Discussion tab to view discussion. If it is red, there is no discussion yet. Blue means that discussion has been added. Clicking [Reply] will respond to a thread already started.

History of Page - revert change

The wiki cannot be messed up. Any change can be undone by clicking on the appropriate version of the page, click the edit tab and then save. See Revert Changes

Move (Rename) Page

Pages can be renamed by clicking the move tab. Type the new name of the page into the box and click on move button.

Create New Pages

Create new pages by adding a link from an existing page. Edit the existing page and add a link to the new page. Link to new wiki pages: [[New Wiki Page Name]].

Additional Help