What is the Air Quality Cluster?

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

We summarized the Cluster's History

The AQ Cluster discussed two general topics to define its future activities:

  • Should the Cluster serve as a GEOSS Community of Practice?
    • We decided to request formal GEOSS Community of Practice for Air Quality from the GEO User Interface Committee
    • We will draft a charter to define its objectives and to help new participants engage in the Cluster
  • Should the Cluster respond the the OGC GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot?
    • We could contribute to the "community" components (catalogs, portals, dataspaces)
    • We need to clarify our potential role (e.g., how much development is involved, can we do it in the short time period of the Pilot?)
    • An outline will drafted to define a ESIP Cluster response to the Pilot's Call For Proposal and circulate among the Cluster for feedback and to determine whether and how to move forward.