AQ Cluster History

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  • 7/2011 ESIP Summer Meeting (Santa Fe, NM)
  • 1/2011 ESIP Winter Meeting (Washington, DC)
  • 7/2010 ESIP Summer Meeting
  • 1/2010 ESIP Winter Meeting (Washington, DC)
  • 11/2009 Participating in GEO-VI Plenary AQ Side Meeting
  • 6/2009 - present Participating in formation of GEOSS AQ Community of Practice
  • 7/2009 ESIP Summer Meeting
  • 6/2009 Coordinated GEO Decision Support Concept Proposal
  • 9/2008-5/2009 Participation in the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot
  • 10/2008 Becomes the ESIP Air Quality Workgroup. Within ESIP, clusters are intended to mid short term, focused efforts while workgroups are more persistent and stable groups. The Air Quality Cluster's maturity and persistence are reasons to convert it to the Air Quality Workgroup.
  • 2/2008-5/2008 Support to the development of the air quality scenario for the OGC GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot
  • 2/2008 Supported the organization and participation of the EPA Data Summit
    • Workspace used to prepare for Summit and capture Summit
  • Workspaces
    • Wiki pages organized around an air quality topic to facilitate group interaction
  • DataSpaces
    • Wiki pages that capture data description metadata, along with contextual metadata and metadata format translations
  • 8/2007-10/2007 Organized NOx workshop at EPA with OMI satellite data producers and providers, air quality researchers and managers, and IT infrastructure developers and mediators.
  • ESIP Federation Summer Meeting, 6/2005
    • The definition of a cluster is further refined into both organizational and technical components.
  • EPA and NASA Visits, 4/5/2005
    • The ESIP AQ Cluster was presented to various offices at EPA and NASA. The agency feedback was very positive and sets the stage for close and active participation.
  • Draft Strawman, 3/1/2005
    • A draft strawman report is generated that outlines the formation of an ESIP AQ Cluster. The report is circulated among potential stakeholders within EPA, NOAA, and NASA. Interest within EPA is high.
  • ESIP Federation Winter Meeting, 1/5/2005
    • Air Quality is one of 12 Applications of National Priority as defined by NASA and is one of 5 National Application Areas most frequently selected as an area of interest by ESIP members and stakeholders.
    • An air quality focus group met during the 2005 ESIP Winter Meeting to discuss how ESIP might play a role in advancing the use of earth science data in air quality management. Interest is high within ESIP and air quality is recommended as a new ESIP cluster.