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We are currently looking how to collect and analyze metrics from services, but if you have another WS topic to discuss, get in touch.

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26 Jan 2017

We propose that the cluster look at measuring web services patterns of use at sites where large servers are run (e.g., NASA and NOAA). A casual observation is that subsetting services for data access are underused relative to simple file-access, but to qualify and quantify this more data about access patterns are needed. OPeNDAP has some experience with analysis of access data for web services (e.g., server logs) and often has found very telling patterns that can be used to improve server performance, so even if the perception regarding under-utilization it false, there will be significant benefit to the analysis of use.

Here is a draft proposal to ESIP for a project to stage a simple metrics gathering service.

If it is the case that web services are underused, we should ask why. Is it because users lack knowledge about them? Or do these services underperform users' expectations?

ESIP represents an excellent forum for this investigation since it is unique in having people representing all three groups of users (implicitly) mentioned above (end-users, system developers and data center managers).

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