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Monthly Telecon Notes September 14, 2015

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This was almost entirely a discussion (starting at roughly 15 minutes in). I will highlight a few of the key items but not provide a detailed transcription.

There are two tracks: technical and social.

Issues facing brokering, availability, discoverability. Understanding the data in different repositories with different metadata standards.

OGC testing and differences between basic validation and validating against best practices.

What are the low-hanging fruit that we can focus on? We could use some scoping.

What are some current success stories and what are some good practices that we can identify from those that people could use now? Like R Signell's recent IT&I call (September, 2015).

Moving Forward

Doodle poll for October's telecon (email Soren for poll participation by Oct 3, 2015).

Identifying some low hanging fruit and success stories.