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Draft Voiceover Scripts for modules in common

NOTE: It is not necessary for every module to include an Overview or Relevance slide, as long as these concepts are covered in your voiceover script. Likewise, you may not need both a References and a Resources slide.

Title Slide: Script to be read

  • This training module is part of the ESIP Federation's Data Management Course for Scientists. The subject of this module is [name of category / name of subcategory, if any, e.g., "The case for data stewardship / Agency Requirements"]. The title of this module is [Subtitle]authored by [Author Name] from [full Organization Name, no acronyms]. Besides the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Federation, sponsors of this Data Management Course are the DataConservancy, and the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA.

Overview Slide: Script to be read (may not be called Overview)

  • Just to give you an overview of what this module will cover, we have defined this module as:
  • We think the following information might be helpful for you to understand as background for the topics covered in this module:
  • As a high level overview, we'll touch upon these topics in this module:

Relevance to Data Management Slide: Script to be read

  • Now that you have an idea of what this module will cover, you might be wondering why these topics are important for data management. To answer that question, please consider the following:
  • At this point, it might seem that managing your data involves a lot more effort than may be warranted. If so, there are both incentives and warnings to share that might help motivate you to do your part for data management. As incentives, think about these possibilities:
  • On the other hand, a few warning thoughts might be in order. For instance:

Resources Slide: Script to be read

  • We've collected some additional resources that might you might find helpful should you need more information about some of the areas that we've covered briefly. We'd also like to explain why we think they might be useful.

References Slide: Script to be read

  • Within this module, we've made reference to a number of published information sources that we think you may want to review when you want more in-depth information. The most relevant references are listed here.

Other Relevant Modules Slide: Script to be read

  • The modules of the ESIP Data Management Course have been designed to complement and supplement each other. In light of this plan, we think you might find the following, related modules relevant to you as you gain a better understanding of data management: