Module Review Criteria

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Module Review Criteria

1. Module successfully addresses the Target Audience who is a Researcher / Scientist and

  • Is the data creator focused on the concepts within the data
  • Is the team member who just needs to know enough about data management to pass on the data to be stored / archived
  • Is the person who best knows the conceptual focus and context
  • Is the person motivated by use and re-use of the data (their own, if not others)
  • Is also a non-expert user of the data, geared to the undergraduate or general college level
  • Is considered to be part of the ESIP community
  • Is not the data manager who needs to receive, store, and archive the data and its context
  • Is not the data curator who must place this data within the collections of the data center
  • Is not the data librarian who helps others find, render, and use the data

2. Module has Conceptual Integrity

  • Concepts discussed match the overall topic
  • Concepts discussed fit where the topic is placed,
    • e.g., specifics of "Backing up your data" fit within "Managing your data" framework
  • Concepts discussed succinctly and accurately
  • Concepts covered completely within timeframe of 3 - 7 minutes for review or presentation
  • Links to other modules / topics are logical and accurate

3. Expression of concepts is appropriate and eye-catching

  • Concepts conveyed simply
  • Concepts described understandably
  • Illustrations and/or humor used effectively and liberally
  • Imagery used appropriately, and cited to an openly available source
  • Jargon terms used sparingly
  • When used, jargon terms explained succinctly

4. Module template followed

  • Title slide contains the name of the section header in the "Module Template" field
  • Title slide contains the name of the module in the "Subtitle" field
  • Author names and organizations follow the proper form See Authors Guide -- Module cover page
  • Total number of slides is between 5 and 10
  • Any URLs included are relevant, live and accurate
  • Resources listed on the "Resource" slide include a single phrase or short sentence explanation followed on the next line with a live URL
  • Citable References used in the "References" slide listed using the Chicago Manual of Style citation guidelines

5. Voiceover script included for slides common to all modules (Title, Overview, etc.)