Telecon (2020-11-04)

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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John Porter, Stevan Earl, Kristin Vanderbilt, Megan Carter, Colin Smith

Agenda & Notes

Meeting notes are italicized.

Revisit action items

A few minor action items remain. These are listed on the home page as "active" and will be addressed as time permits. For now, the remaining items are of low priority.

New platform?

OntoSoft is non-responsive and project future is uncertain. Additionally, a better search interface supporting free text and faceted searching would expand user options, and allow integration of software library specific keywords (i.e. non-IMCR Vocab terms). Options:

Review OntoSoft project map and update registered software metadata before further considering migration of content to a different platform. Resources for migration may be an issue.

Auto-tagging of IMCR Vocab terms

Input software descriptions to the Tematres keyword extractor and automatically tag software with resulting terms. Also, pass explicitly stated keywords (developer defined) to the keyword extractor.

Yes pursue this if time permits.

Register software form any language

A lot of great resources out there in languages other than R and Python!

Align IMCR vocab with ESIP COR

Should do this after IMCR is updated and time permits.


A unique approach to hackathons was considered and will be pursued.

Action items & Notes

Update all package metadata (i.e. keywords, definitions, package level metadata using IMCR tools).

Register ~100 software packages already tagged with keywords.

Draft IMCR release notice and share with ESIP clusters & LTER IM community.

Revise IMCR GitHub for hackathons.