Telecon (2019-10-02)

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Megan Carter Stevan Earl Colin Smith Kristin Vanderbilt

Agenda & Notes

Meeting notes are italicized.

Revisit action item status from August meeting

More integration

How can IMCR integrate with these resources?

No one knows about this.

A few of these have been added to the IMCR, but most of them are higher level than the package/library level (and lower) scope IMCR currently emphasizes.

Action items & Notes

Revisit action item status from August and October meetings

Still a lot of outstanding action items.

More integration

Tools, tools, tools - Review the session recording for opportunities.

Basic guidelines for new contributors

Draft a brief set of guidelines for new contributors focused on the scope of what IMCR accepts. Create a "Contribute" page linking to the website home page.

Twitter account for IMCR

Create a twitter account for the IMCR. While a hash tag #IMcodeRegistry already exists, a Twitter account will help distance this resource from EDI and provide a feed of IMCR specific information the community can subscribe to.

Revisit USGS, NOAA, and EPA software packages

Lots of great software developed by these agencies. We should harvest what falls into the IMCR scope.