Talk:GEOSS AIP Air Quality

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Checking in about Air Quality Scenario and the AIP -- Rhusar 12:12, 9 September 2008 (EDT)

Hi George, Sorry for the multiplicity of messages. Regarding the GEOSS AIP AQ Scenario leadership, we seem to have an embarrassment of the riches situation.

  • We have four participants, all active in the ESIP AQ Cluster, who have made vital contributions to the AIP (scenario, facilitation, mobilization of participation, research, etc...). Each one of us is also committed to continue our respective contributions throughout the AIP.
  • Falke (NGC, industry), Lindsey (NASA, provider), Husar (WU, researcher), McCabe (EPA, User) represent key stakeholders of an AQ system-of-systems. The incorporation of their diverse perspectives is a necessary condition for a robust GEOSS AIP pilot that is to head toward persistence.
  • The AQ AIP 'leadership' structure we are thinking of is not hierarchical and bureaucratic but open and communal, with these four 'leaders' i.e. connectors and enablers, carrying extra responsibility, including the recruitment of other leaders and champions in the agencies, industry, academia ...

So, the good thing is that for this SBA scenario we have a strong, able, active and eager initial 'leadership' on hand that has worked well together over the past year(s). So dropping the ball is not really a problem.

I think that this 'social' aspect of the AIP and GEOSS in general may become just as important as the technology part, so I am taking the liberty of sharing this with you all.

George, we will come back to you shortly about the names to be listed...after we discuss this among us. If you are included, your own comment/suggestion would also be valued.

Session Leaders at GEO AIP-2 Kickoff -- GPercivall 12:14, 12 September 2008 (EDT)

KO Session Co-leads, Thanking you for agreeing to lead a session at the AIP-2 Kickoff.

The initial content for each session is defined from analysis of the 32 CFP Responses:

These items are listed below:

  • Co-leads for each session, including organization and contact information.
  • A session leaders checklist for your consideration
  • Template agenda for a session

We will discuss this in the telecon on next Tuesday but please get started today if you can.

Your contributions to development of GEOSS are most appreciated.