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ClimatePipes and UV CDAT -- Tjmathew (talk) 06:34, 23 May 2014 (MDT)

I am not sure if UV CDAT is the same but I came across some notes that I took at AGU when I was introduced to ClimatePipes: The front-end of ClimatePipes uses HTML5, WebGL, and CSS3 for geospatial visualizations. The back-end is built using the Visualization Toolkit (VTK), Climate Data Analysis Tools (CDAT), and other climate and geospatial data processing tools such as GDAL and PROJ4. ParaView Web, and D3, Canvas are also used for some visualizations. ClimatePipes offers look-up tools, works with UV-CDAT and MongoDB. It can read NetCDF, offers a python Web Service infrastructure, supports workflows and provenance tools using VisTrails. Python was chosen as the server-side language using CherryPy ( as the web server. JQuery ( and Bootstrap are being used as the supporting frameworks for a cross-browser experience.