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Welcome to the Earth Science Data Analytics Discussion Forum

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The purpose of this page is to be an open forum for all ESDA interested parties to post and share information regarding Earth science data analytics. In addition to sharing information, the goal of this forum, through connections and collaborations, is to help folks better understand how analytics can support their data analysis needs, as well as provide references/discussion to tools and techniques that facilitate large heterogeneous datasets analysis.

Topics seeking your input for discussion:

-- Your heterogeneous data analysis problems/issues

-- Really interesting/useful data analytics tools/techniques you have come across

-- Earth science data analytics topics you would like to learn more about (just name it)

-- Interesting new Big Data, Data science, data analytics advances you have heard about (and links)

-- Skills that are useful to have for your analytics effort. Skills that you are seeking for your analytics effort.

-- Possible internships you may wish to offer that can help you accomplish your analytics goals

-- … and anything else that is pertinent.


4/17/14 Discussion continuation:

Tiffany next led a discussion to answer the following questions:

1. What are your most time consuming data tasks that can leverage analytics?
2. Identify and discuss different types of analytics
3. What kind of data analytics is needed for specific use cases?
4. Identify tools and technologies that address different types of analytics


Steve: Topics that I was thinking might be interesting to learn more about at future telecoms include: 'Machine Learning Techniques/Experiences', 'What exactly do we mean by heterogeneous data?', 'What is your favorite analytics tool and what are you using it for?' But also, would like to hear about data analysis problems people are having due to the heterogeneity of the data.

Do any of these resonate as a good future topics to learn more about? What are your ideas for topics to learn more about?

Jim: Does anybody have experience with Data Mining techniques? I am interested in the ways remote sensing data has been successfully mined. Thanx

  • [Ken Keiser - UAH] We have some experience with mining of remote sensing (and other) data. Here are are a couple links that might be of interest.

Emily Law: All suggestions above are excellent topics. Does anyone has a good approach to compile a list of analytic tools commonly used by earth data scientists? Once we have the tool list, can we find the advanced users to educate us about their usage? Another interesting topic for me would be a presentation of use cases such as using certain analytic tool to integrate/fuse interdisciplinary data sets. Another one would be what analytic tools have the best visualization presenting the data/model results.

Emily Law: There was a good turn out on the cluster's initiation telecon, and a number of ESIP members subscribe to the mailing list. It may be useful and at least interesting to survey the group regarding the level of expertise in data science.