Talk:Discovery Hack-a-thon

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Need Mentors for ESIP Discovery Client Hackathon! -- Clynnes 15:49, 11 May 2012 (MDT)

Hey, Discovery Clusterians! Please sign up to help mentor different languages for the Discovery Client Hackathon. Below, we have some of the languages and application frameworks we will be targeting, but if you have another one you want to volunteer, go ahead! Also, it is fine to have more than one mentor per language.

What's required of Mentors?

  1. a one-slide summary of the basic approach of implementing a client in that language
  2. be there to help people out during the hack-a-thon
  3. Optional: before the meeting, develop a simple example client, and/or useful utility modules/functions/subroutines

The Pitch

Immerse yourself in the glamorous, creative world of hackers by participating in the Discovery Client Hack-a-thon! We'll be working with several different languages and approaches.

Don't know how to code, in any language? No problemo! We'll have application frameworks you can work with, like ESRI's Geoportal. You can even write a Discovery client in HTML!

Looking for something to tackle in Scala, Lua, Go or whatever your latest language crush is? Ditch that "Hello, World" example and come make something useful!