Discovery Hack-a-thon

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners

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SubmitterName Hook Hua
Submitteremail [email protected]
Meeting Summer 2012
SessionType workshop
Title Discovery Hack-a-thon
Abstract [[Abstract::The set of ESIP Discovery services encompass the overlapping conventions of Earth science federated OpenSearch, Collection Casting, Granule Casting, and Service Casting feed standards. To help lower the barrier of entry, we will provide a set of hands-on and simple approaches to using Discovery services. These include walking through some "low-hanging fruit" approaches to calling OpenSearch, Collection Casting, Granule Casting, and Service Casting. We will also cover a hands-on usage of the current Discovery Testbed based on the Esri GeoPortal server. See Discovery_Hack-a-thon_Details for additional resources.]]
VirtualPresenters yes
VirtualParticipants yes
CoConveners Hook Hua and Chris Lynnes
CollabAreas Earth Science Collaboratory, Geospatial, Information Technology and Interoperability, Products and Services, Semantic Web