Solta 2011 Announcement

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Stomorska, Island Šolta, Croatia, 23-25 August 2011

Workshop Announcement

Data portals, science teams and decisions support systems address the needs of air quality management and science communities but data exchange among these systems is impeded by a number of obstacles. The GEOSS interoperability arrangements and data sharing principles offer an opportunity to connect the existing air quality data systems into an interoperable network for seamless data access. The self organised GEO Air Quality Community of Practice invites members of these communities for a workshop to advance the networking of air quality observations and models by identifying the sharable datasets, assessing the state-of-the-art on interoperability practices with a focus on technical and Programmatic issues.

Preliminary Agenda

Tuesday,23 Aug: State of AQ Interoperability
Participant presentations: Existing services, Integrating Initiatives, Agencies, ‘End Users’
Users and providers: defining your roles and needs
GEO AQ CoP role, relationships, cross-thematic links (EGIDA, ESIP)

Wednesday,24 Aug:Technical Realization of Interoperability
Syntactic issues: Standards, OGC WCS, WMS, CSW; netcdf, other formats)
Semantic issues: Metadata for finding and understanding, CF, ISO)
Programmatic issues: Data access/use constrains, quality control, data versioning, etc.)

Thursday, 25 Aug: Outcomes. Consensus? Next?
Summary of Tuesday discussions: What are the common technical hurdles?
Conclusions: What are the short-term opportunities? How can we collaborate? Do we have Common long-term goals and visions?

The workshop will be held in Stomorska on the island Šolta, adjacent to Split, Croatia. Split is reachable by air from many European cities, by freeway and by ferry from Ancona, Italy. The small-town atmosphere of Stomorska is conducive for relaxed deliberations, an opportunity to get to know each other or have fun exploring ‘the Mediterranean as it used to be’.
See the workshop wiki for additional information in the near future:
Organizers: Rudolf Husar (, Martin Schultz (m.schultz@fz;