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Point of contact name (i.e., author name): Christine White


From the Geoportal search interface, a user can retrieve metadata about data and services advertised by user-registered casts and/or OpenSearch services that matches the user's search criteria.


User desires to discover and use data and services advertised by cast endpoints by querying from the ESIP Discovery Geoportal interface.


Discovery User - primary actor, someone who desires to retrieve data or services by using the ESIP Discovery Geoportal interface.

Publisher User - secondary actor, someone who has registered a compliant cast with the ESIP Discovery Geoportal.


  • The ESIP Discovery Geoportal has been deployed and is accessible to Discovery Users and Publisher Users.
  • Publisher Users have registered compliant casts with the ESIP Discovery Geoportal, and these compliant casts advertise data and/or services.
  • Discovery User crafts a query that can be met with returned results (e.g., query does not exclude the available resources advertised by the casts).


This use case is triggered when the Discovery User goes to the ESIP Discovery Geoportal search interface, crafts a query by entering criteria in the Search interface, selects cast endpoints upon which to query, and clicks a button to initiate the query against the selected endpoints.

Basic Flow

  1. Discovery User points their browser to the ESIP Discovery Geoportal search page
  2. Discovery User enters search criteria into the search page interface
  3. Discovery User selects one or more of the registered casts to be searched - these are checkbox options, so more than one is searched in a single query if desired.
  4. Discovery User clicks a button to initiate the query built from the search criteria to the selected endpoints.
  5. ESIP Discovery Geoportal search page returns resulting data and/or services hosted at the registered endpoints. Results are associated with the cast from which they came.
  6. Discovery User can click on a returned result (data or service) to get information about that specific data or service.

Alternate Flows

  1. If - after submitting the search criteria- the cast endpoints do not host data and services that match the Discovery User's search criteria, the ESIP Discovery Geoportal's search interface will return a message to the Discovery User stating that no results matched the criteria.
  2. If a registered cast endpoint is currently not responding, the Discovery User will be notified through the ESIP Discovery Geoportal search interface.

Post Conditions

After retrieving search results from cast endpoints as a result from querying the ESIP Discovery Geoportal search interface, the Discovery User will be able to retrieve metadata about the data and services hosted at the cast endpoints.

Activity Diagram

To Do - (Here a diagram is given to show the flow of events that surrounds the use case. It might be that text is a more useful way of describing the use case. However often a picture speaks a 1000 words)


The Esri Geoportal Server provides for registration of Catalog Service for the Web (CSW) endpoints to be searched in a federated search functionality accessible from the Search page, out of the box. Development here would be to support federated search to valid OpenSearch and cast endpoints ("valid" per the ServiceValidation use case).

The Search page could look like this:


Further, if there is a response from the endpoint, the endpoint should be queriable through the Geoportal REST API syntax - the rid attribute - as well.

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