Pannell: Conclusions & Recommendations : NARSTO Multi Pollutant Assessment

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Doc #: 96 Title: Pannell: Conclusions_&_Recommendations : NARSTO Multi Pollutant Assessment | Document Link
Organization/Author: Pannell
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Year: 2009
Region: North America
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  • The missing features are exposure-doseresponse data - risk on the basis of exposure to individual pollutants as indicators of the coomposite risk
  • MPAQM will be complicated by three global-scale influences: 1. Precursor emissions due to GHGs reductions and climate affecting particles (most significant) 2. Atmospheric chemistry, biogenic emissions, and met resulting from climate change 3. Intra- and intercontinental transport of pollutants from increased global emissions

Recommendations 1. Improve the ability to estimate pollutant exposure 2. Strengthen the multidisciplinary focus of health and ecosystem effects research 1. Health and ecological damage burden of air pollution relative to other stressors? 2. Which pollutant combinations of pollutants cause what effects? 3. Is it feasible to group pollutants? 4. Can we construct objective metrics for prioritizing health and ecosystem effects?