P&S Telecon - March 18, 2014

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


  • Erin Robinson
  • Adam Shepherd
  • Hook Hua
  • Nancy Hoebelheinrich
  • Christine White


  • Socialize the Testbed RFP
    • Christine & Erin: Education Committee mtg tomorrow
    • Nancy: Data Analytics Meeting thurs
    • Christine: Documentation meeting thurs
    • Christine: Send Ruth & Sarah a note to remind them of the RFP, for Data Stewardship
  • Erin: investigate if Testbed can support a threaded forum (such as the "funding threshold for large organizations" question Hook brought up today)
  • Christine: post RFP announcement on ESIP FB page (include image and maybe create an event for the deadline), and create nice Testbed ppt slide and provide to Erin so she and Peter can integrate as appropriate at meetings next week (RDA, EOSDIS WG, etc.)
  • Christine: post sessions on ESIP Commons for Summer Meeting, for 1) Testbed session and 2) Funding Friday Thurs night social
  • ALL: Think on the following things regarding Funding Friday and ESIP Summer Meeting:
    • Ideas for how to structure the decision-making activity
    • Decision criteria: what are projects judged upon?
    • New people we should ask to help with this?


Update on Testbed RFP announcement

Possible Respondents

  • Adam and his student at RPI
  • Semantic Web Cluster ToolMatch project
    • Looking at how Testbed resources can help their project: hosting a webpage, server instance
    • Nancy looking to make a plan within the next two weeks
    • May collaborate with the Energy Cluster
    • Want something to demo ToolMatch service and project at Summer Meeting

Groups to Whom we Should Reach Out

Education Committee

  • Possible collaboration with these federal agencies
  • Connections with NOAA & NASA
  • Ideas for lesson plans with earth science data competition
    • Testbed could host some of their competition resources - webpages…
    • Testbed could fund some things like surveys, survey staff, public relations
  • They're meeting tomorrow - 2:30 Eastern
  • Roberta is chair, Erin will mention to her when they go on break today


  • has talked about doing a hackathon at summer meeting - metadata work; could be a project (Christine to attend next cluster meeting, Thurs?)

ESIP Data Analytics group

  • Meeting Thurs (Nancy to attend?)

Data Stewardship

  • Ruth leads - Christine send her or Sarah Ramdeen a note to remind about the RFP

Think about where NASA & NOAA fit into Testbed activities, since history of Testbed idea came from NASA being interested in an environment to try out ideas before they are operational

  • How to educate/clarify the resources available - funding is too little to push through their organizational processes ("too low, won't bother")
    • Do it as an individual contractor - represent yourself, and take it as contracting income in tax
  • QA topic: how to handle low funding thresholds and your institutional practices
  • Testbed Portal may be able to do this kind of threaded forum - Erin to investigate

Generating more Buzz on the RFP

  • Buzz - Erin wrote a blog post, and has been announced in ESIP Weekly; how to generate more buzz?
  • Christine can post on ESIP FB page (image) - maybe an event - deadline
    • Point to prior projects
  • Erin & Peter will be at meetings next week - can plug at those meetings
    • RDA, EOSDIS WG, etc.
  • Nice ppt slide with awesome image: Ken's cute robot

Summer Meeting Planning - Session Deadline is April 13

Testbed Session

  • Targeted participation in other sessions to talk about the Testbed
  • Session for Q&A on Testbed, projects, proposals - YES

Funding Friday


  • Flier that goes in the meeting packet to talk about the session
  • PreMeeting about ways to get involved in ESIP
  • P&S will run the sessions at the Summer Meeting

Session: Dedicated facilitated brainstorm to support Funding Friday projects,Thursday night

  • Afterhours session - 7:30-ish, happy-hour-ish
  • Activities:
    • Look for collaborators
    • Work on their posters
    • Some kind of match-making

Friday Morning Session

  • Because all the prep is done on Thursday, folks can start perusing posters during b breakfast
  • Still to do:
    • Figure out how to structure the decision-making activity
    • Decision criteria: what is, how to advertise
    • Who can help? New people who can get involved too?

Next Meeting

P&S Telecon - April 15, 2014


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