P&S Telecon - April 15, 2014

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


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Update on Testbed RFP announcement


Summer Meeting Planning - Session Deadline is April 13

Testbed Session

  • Targeted participation in other sessions to talk about the Testbed
  • Session for Q&A on Testbed, projects, proposals - YES
  • ...

Funding Friday


  • Flier that goes in the meeting packet to talk about the session
  • PreMeeting about ways to get involved in ESIP
  • P&S will run the sessions at the Summer Meeting

Session: Dedicated facilitated brainstorm to support Funding Friday projects,Thursday night

  • Afterhours session - 7:30-ish, happy-hour-ish
  • Activities:
    • Look for collaborators
    • Work on their posters
    • Some kind of match-making

Friday Morning Session

  • Because all the prep is done on Thursday, folks can start perusing posters during b breakfast
  • Still to do:
    • Figure out how to structure the decision-making activity
    • Decision criteria: what is, how to advertise
    • Who can help? New people who can get involved too?

Next Meeting

P&S Telecon - May 20, 2014


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