P&S Telecon - May 20, 2014

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


  • Christine White
  • Erin Robinson
  • Bruce Caron
  • Nancy Hoebelheinrich
  • Ken Keiser


  • Christine: Touch base with Funded Testbed Project PI's and let them know about presenting in ESIP Sessions. Encourage Poster for poster session.
  • Christine: Prepare and distribute to three project groups/conveners a Testbed slide to include in ESIP sessions, and also 3-4 slides to include in ESIP 101 session. Should include updated logo that Ken provided; can be re-used for flier for welcome packet/announcement slide for ESIP Welcome.
  • Ken: (complete) ask colleague to update logo for Testbed slide


Updates on Funded Testbed Projects

Three funded:

  • Evaluating the ESIP Ontologies for Mapping and Reconciliation (Pouchard and Huhns)
    • Semantic Web Meeting as an update
    • POC - Tom Narock for Semantic Web meeting. Nancy will ask Tom about how much time Michael and Line can have to present
    • Christine: Contact Michael & Line - and let them know they can present in there
  • Cyberinfrastructure Prototype Inventory (Kinkaide) - need to ping, haven't heard from WHOI regarding our contingency
    • EarthCube Session - Danie is convening this, so no problem
    • Christine touch base here
  • ToolMatch Service Testbed Project Proposal (Ferritto)
    • ToolMatch Session - Nancy is convening, also no problem
  • Christine to write a blog post this week

Next Steps for funded projects

  • Erin requested an SOW, and then ESIP Foundation turns around an MOU; then they get started. They can get started at this point, at any time.
  • Christine reach out so they can be prepped to talk about their projects at the Summer Meeting
  • Christine: Prepare and distribute to three project groups/conveners a Testbed slide
    • Include one slide for Testbed
    • Ken to check with colleague about updating URL in Testbed Logo (http://testbed.esipfed.org/)
    • Next call in October, more details forthcoming
    • testbed, lifecycle, list of projects and where they will be presented at meeting and if they'll have a poster/demo)

Summer Meeting Planning

Testbed and P&S Session

  • ESIP 101 - couple slides there? 1st hour of 1st day
    • 3-4 slides (testbed, lifecycle, list of projects and where they will be presented at meeting)
  • Drop session "Testbed Project Showcase" (http://commons.esipfed.org/node/2373)? yes
  • Reach out to Testbed PI's and let them know about the sessions and ability to present in them; also, encourage poster submission, (poster submission abstract/title deadline is June 15th)

Funding Friday

Important rule: If you win last year, you can't compete again this year

Session "FUNding Friday Ideas Jam (Thursday night)"


  • Dedicated facilitated brainstorm to support Funding Friday projects: Thursday night
  • Erin found a great place for the session, right next door to the venue
  • Final decision on time: 5:30 PM
  • Goals:
    • Find collaborators for projects (Some kind of match-making)
    • Work on their posters
  • Logistics: Food/drinks for purchase
  • Doling out of Decisions still do on Friday
  • ESIP staff (TBD) can get posters from Thursday event and hang them up for morning (i.e., poster-makers don't have to worry about hanging them if they are done on Thursday)

FUNding Friday Morning

  • Because all the prep is done on Thursday, folks can start perusing posters during Breakfast
  • Peruse posters, and poster-makers give 2-minute pitch
    • Everyone gets three votes - can distribute, or put all on one
    • Student competition and the main event
    • Erin will take care of making sure we have paper ballots for votes and making sure resort help can pass them out (Nancy can help too)
    • Nancy and Bruce volunteered to lead the decision activities/announcements on Friday
  • Decision Criteria:
    • Innovative, collaborative, has value to ESIP and Science community

Advertising FUNding Friday Events

  • Flier that goes in the meeting packet to talk about the Thursday Night session
  • Brief announcement slide for Thurs Night session in welcome/meeting overview?
  • Also mention Funding Friday at ESIP 101

Next Meeting

P&S Telecon - June 17, 2014


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