NASA ACCESS09: Tools for Data Access and Discovery Services

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This wiki is for collaboration on the NASA ACCESS Proposal, Section A.34

Air Quality Infrstructure Partnership: Service-Oriented Tools and Methods for Finding and Accessing NASA Data
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Schedule[edit | edit source]

Checkbox.png2009-06-26: Proposal Due
Checkbox.png 2009-05-20 to 2009-06-26: Proposal Preparation Period
Checkmark.png2009-04-01: NOI Due

Context[edit | edit source]

Proposal[edit | edit source]

Notice of Intent[edit | edit source]

NASA ACCESS09: Air Quality Infrastructure Partnership Proposal[edit | edit source]

  • Earth Science Research Results (1p)
  • Technical Approach (12page)
  • Transition Approach (1p)
  • Performance Measures (1p)
  • Anticipated Results (1p)
  • Project Management (1p)
  • Schedule (1p)
  • Budget (1p)
  • Budget Justification (1p)

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Resources[edit | edit source]

  • Tools/Methods
  • Datasets
  • Reports/Papers/Pres
  • Websites

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