May 3, 2011

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


  • Gregory Leptoukh (NASA GSFC)
  • Tyler Stevens (GSFC)
  • Ed Armstrong (JPL)
  • Joanne Nightingale (NASA GSFC)
  • Hook Hua (JPL)
  • Barry Weiss (JPL)
  • Carol Mayer (ESIP)
  • Erin Robinson (ESIP Fed)


  • Progress with the prev. action items:
    • New IQ telecon time + WebEx enablement
    • Greg talked to Precip and Ocean color folks
  • Barry W. will talk about ISO 19175 and the SMAP subset
  • Preparation for the Summer EIP Meeting in Santa Fe: ESIP Summer 2011 Meeting
    • Speakers
    • Identify reps of various research and application communities for:
      • their understanding and requirements for quality
      • methodology they use to assess and quantify data quality
      • Communities: SST, Ocean color, Precipitation, Atm Chemistry, Land, Modeling, Applications (e.g., Air Quality),...

Old Action Items

  • Hook and Greg: setup a page for collecting and aliasing quality-related terms


Upload community-specific presentations/papers either to the Community portion of the web site

Action Items

  • All: continue looking for speakers and community reps