March 24

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Present: Rob Raskin, Brian Rogan, Ana Prados, Bob Downs, Carol Meyer, Steve Kempler

Summer ESIP Meeting

Green Energy Theme - Joint with Energy Cluster ?
Satellite data Used for Wind and Solar Energy Applications. End-users of this information: utilities.
Tuesday: Workshop for Scientists on Communicating to non-scientific audiences
Technology for Decision Making
Talks about GEO CFP - Project Advisor Needs

The theme is the intersection between Energy and Climate rather than a co-theme. Energy decision makers are more than welcome but it shouldn’t be limited to that group. Should try and follow up on topics from the last meetings. Green energy might be an good topic. Solar and wind energy are good potential topics. There may also be an interesection with what the Energy cluster would be planning on doing. This could be a joint track/session. Carol will contact the Energy cluster folks to get the conversation started. The Water Cluster would be another option.

The group needs to take the lead on Decisions as it pertains to climate. The cluster provides the connection between data information and decision making. It might also be worth having a session on GEO since they are looking for Decision Support advisors.

Carol attended the Air Quality meeting in Raleigh this past week. There was a lot of relationship building that was occurring and ESIP needs to find ways to talk the same language. It was valuable because we want to serve decision makers but we need to do more reaching out to them. The decisions cluster can serve the role to pull together a lot of the pieces. It might be worth doing a workshop at the meeting that would change the paradigm as to how we work with decision makers. Carol will do the legwork to see what it would take to put together a half day workshop at the meeting. AAAS may be a source for a training program (Ana to look into this).

It isn’t known what decision makers will attend. It might be worth inviting certain individuals which would help to get a greater participation.

Tuesday is a technical workshop day. This would be the best day to have the workshop. It would complement the technical workshops. Wednesday would be other tracks.

It would worth collecting use cases that could be used as examples of best practice.


GEO looking to federation as a Source of Advisors: Products and Services has a working group that will come up with a list of Expertise:

Link here for Decision Types:

We need categories for decision making so that people can be registered for decisions skills. Steve Kempler discussed the role of decision making in all of the proposals that have been solicited by GEO. We can provide the expertise at the various stages of GEO projects.

Increasing the visibility of federation expertise to GEO is important. The decisions cluster can help with making science data interpretable. It might be worth inviting some of the GEO people to the summer meeting to help match them up with people in the federation.

There is a new resource inventory group that will be working with GEO. Rob will be sending out a notice for early April.

Decisions Cluster Charters:

Best Practices for Engaging Decision-Makers
Identifying Use Cases