MD MaintenanceInformation

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Information about the maintenance of a resource or metadata.

Elements Domain Definition and Recommended Practice Examples
1 mmi:maintenanceAndUpdateFrequency 0..1 mmi:MD_MaintenanceFrequencyCode A codelist that provides standard periods at which modifications are made to the data after it is first produced.
2 mmi:maintenanceDate 0..* cit:CI_Date Date information associated with maintenance of resource
3 mmi:userDefinedMaintenanceFrequency 0..1 gco:TM_PeriodDuration Maintenance period other than those defined
4 mmi:maintenanceScope 0..* mcc:MD_Scope Information about the scope and extent of maintenance
5 mmi:maintenanceNote 0..* gco:CharacterString Information regarding specific requirements for maintaining the resource
6 mmi:contact 0..* cit:CI_Responsibility Identification of, and means of communicating with, person(s) and organisation(s) with responsibility for maintaining the metadata

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