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Elements Domain Definition and Recommended Practice Examples
1 mri:keyword 1..* gco:CharacterString Vocabulary terms that describe the general science categories, general location, organizations, projects, platforms, instruments associated with the resource. Highly recommend using NASA GCMD keywords. Earth Science > Oceans > Ocean Temperature > Sea Surface Temperature
2 mri:type 0..1 mri:MD_KeywordTypeCode Subject matter used to group similar keywords. Use 'theme' for scientific categories, 'place' for locations, etc. Group keywords by themes and authoritative thesaurus. MD_KeywordTypeCode: theme
codeListValue: theme
3 mri:thesaurusName 0..1 cit:CI_Citation The citation of the authoritative keyword resource. If the keywords are not supported by an authority, then include a gco:nilReason attribute in the thesaurusName field or write "None" in the citation title field.
4 mri:keywordClass 0..1 mri:MD_KeywordClass

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