January 26

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

On the call: Rob Raskin, Erin Robinson, Danny Hardin, Ana Prados

* Cluster Plans for 2011
* Contributions to the ESIP Summer Meeting, Santa Fe, NM
* Evaluation workshops: overview of Winter meeting workshop, future
  workshop planning and other opportunities to learn about program/project evaluation

2010 Decisions cluster accomplishments discussion: Contributions to last 3 ESIP meetings including an end-user/decision maker focused breakout in the Winter of 2010 and Summer of 2010 and an Evaluation workshop in Winter 2011.

Moving forward in 2011:

  1. Continue to support evaluation theme and follow up with Anne Doucette
  2. Help connect members to additional evaluation resources, including the Environmental Evaluation Network event in D.C (Ana is on planning committee and will provide more details soon)
  3. Begin a repository of Case Study success stories in utilization of data for decision-support with measurable positive impacts for societal benefit(e.g. economic benefits, etc.). Encourage others ESIP-wide to contribute Case Studies (and other clusters). Post list of Case Studies on Decisions web page. Use case studies to contribute to monthly ESIP newsletter
  4. Begin building a package of best-practices - meant to be a working document- for how to incorporate evaluation into project/program management, including resources for how to find an evaluator etc. Host on Decisions wiki page for all to contribute.

Possible Contributions for Summer Santa Fe meeting:

  1. Data products and tools appropriate to decision-making activities
  2. How the quality of the data inputs and the services used to deliver the data impact the quality of decision-making activities

Action items for Santa Fe

  1. Find decision makers/speakers for the break-out session to discuss their data and data-service needs from their perspective. Work with other clusters on this.
  2. Talk to Karl about local/state decision makers to invite
  3. Talk to Dave Jones about decision-makers in Texas to invite