ISO Rationale

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

How ISO Does It

Understanding the processing of datasets is critical to understanding their accuracy and applicability for certain tasks. The FGDC Standard provides a framework for tracking process steps that are applied to a dataset. The ISO Standard builds on that framework by adding a rationale element that allows processors to explain why process steps were done.

+ description : CharacterString
+ rationale [0..1] : CharacterString
+ dateTime [0..1] : DateTime
+ processor [0..*] : CI_ResponsibleParty
+ source [0..*]: LI_Source

ESIP Response


  • Henry – GZS DISC
  • D. Jacob
  • Gao Chen – Nasa Larc
  • Xing
  • Ed Armstrong
  • Deborah Smith – Discover
  • Rudy Husar
  • John Scialdone
  • Ken Casey: - Not just “why” but “what” was done and “when”
  • Jeff Arnfield: - We track this now for our metadata system but don’t always capture systematically and accessibly for all of our holdings as KC says, above “what: is also critical. We track that too.