ISO On-Line Resources

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

How ISO Does It

As the World Wide Web has developed into a ubiquitous information source, links to on-line information and services have become a critical element in all metadata records. These links are treated very differently in the FGDC and ISO standards. In the FGDC, URLs are free text. In the ISO, they are CI_OnlineResource objects that include a rich set of fields for describing the on-line resource.

CI_OnlineResource + linkage : URL
+ protocol [0..1] : CharacterString
+ applicationProfile [0..1] : CharacterString
+ name [0..1] : CharacterString
+ description [0..1] : CharacterString
+ function [0..1] : CI_OnLineFunctionCode

+ download
+ information
+ offlineAccess
+ order
+ search

ESIP Response


  • Z. Xing
  • Henry
  • Ed Armstrong - Many URLs
  • Deborah Smith - Discover - Yes - currently using links in description document
  • Daniel Jacob Yes - User Guide
  • Tyler Stevens - GCMD DIFs and SERF provides links to data resources
  • Rudy Husar
  • Karl Benedict download, metadata, source (e.g. WMS)
  • Ken Casey - Of course
  • Jeff Arnfield - It becomes more important as additional types of information are added or referred to by a system
  • John Scialdone It would be nice