ISO Feature Reports

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

How ISO Does It

The ISO Standard include three types of data quality reports. The QE_CoverageResult (from ISO 19115-2) is a new report type that allows a quality result to be expressed as a spatial object. For example, if a gridded dataset has an associated grid of quality flags, that quality grid could be described here. Note also that the coverage results have an associated file and format.

+ spatialRepresentationType: vector, grid, textTable, tin, stereoModel, video
+ resultFile [1]: MX_DataFile
+ resultFormat [1]: MD_format

ESIP Response

  • Ken Casey - not sure what this means
  • Jeff Arnfield– spatial datasets over time are themselves a form of quality measure if one seeks / values a stable in-situ platform for observations


  • Daniel Jacob