ISO Compliance Reports

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

How ISO Does It

Standards are critical for data understanding and sharing. The ISO Standard include three types of data quality reports. The first, the DQ_ConformanceResult, describes how the dataset was tested for conformance to a published standard and whether the dataset passed the test. The second, the DQ_QuantitativeResult, provides a mechanism for describing the results of a quantitative quality evaluation. Finally, the QE_CoverageResult (from ISO 19115-2), allows a quality result to be expressed as a spatial object. For example, if a gridded dataset has an associated grid of quality flags, that quality grid could be described here. Note also that the coverage results have an associated file and format.

+ specification : CI_Citation
+ explanation : CharacterString
+ pass : Boolean

ESIP Response


  • Ken Casey – at least we should
  • Karl Benedict - Compliance for delivery, also a quality attribute in terms of compliance OR variance vs. standards
  • Ed Armstrong But only to point we are making valid XML records etc.
  • Rudy Husar
  • Henry
  • Jeff Arnfield – Yes/No: - stds would be helpful in exchange of metadata and in its collection. No bonus points for compliance yet, though, since stds thus far have been only loosely and sporadically applied.