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ISO_19115_Metadata_for_Air_Quality Description: ISO 19115 is the metadata standard for Geographic information. The AQ Community chose ISO 19115 because it is a standard accepted by GEOSS and being implemented widely around the world. It includes the ISO 19115 Core, 19119 metadata for describing the geospatial services and AQ-specific metadata for finding datasets.

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Erin Robinson, CAPITA; Ted Habermann, NOAA; Wenli Yang, NASA; Chris Lynnes, NASA;


  • Jan-May, 2009 First AQ Community Catalog Record Created
  • May-August 2010 Worked with GEOSS AIP creating

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ISO 19115

ISO 19115 "Geographic Information - Metadata"ISO 19115 Geographic Information - Metadata. International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Geneva, 2003 from ISO/TC 211, the current "best practice" standard for geospatial metadata, does not in fact provide a definition of geospatial (or geographic) metadata; however, uses the following wording in its "scope" section:

"This International Standard provides information about the identification, the extent, the quality, the spatial and temporal schema, spatial reference, and distribution of digital geographic data."

A little further, it is stated: "Though this International Standard is applicable to digital data, its principles can be extended to many other forms of geographic data such as maps, charts, and textual documents as well as non-geographic data." (Wikipedia)

ISO 19115/19119 Schema

ISO 19115 AQ Record Creation Procedure

To identify the fields necessary for discovery of the metadata record we started with the ISO 19115 Core Metadata fields (Nogueras-Iso, 2005) and also the fields that were needed for a Catalog Service for the Web (CSW) Record. This fulfilled two goals – one to create valid ISO 19115 records and the other to be able to retrieve the records from the clearinghouse through a CSW 2.0.2 query.

Create ISO Record - ISO 19115 Validator:

ISO 19115 Example

Projects/Programs Using ISO 19115

The CF convention for naming atmospheric chemicals and aerosols has been adopted by the following model intercomparisons (state of July 2008):

Software Applications that Use ISO 19115