IQ cluster kick-off meeting

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


  • Gregory Leptoukh (GSFC)
  • Steve Berrick (NASA HQ)
  • Chris Lynnes (GSFC)
  • Hook Hua (JPL)
  • Scott Ritz (GSFC)
  • Tyler Stevens (GSFC)
  • Ethan McMahon (EPA)
  • Bill Teng (GSFC)
  • Peter Fox (RPI)

Main objective

Prepare for the Summer 2011 ESIP Fed meeting

Theme Idea for the Summer meeting

Data/Information Quality


  • Data quality provided vs. data quality needed (fitness-for-purpose). Solicit and present data quality needs for climate change, air quality, disaster management
  • Pixel quality vs. product quality
  • Validation issues. What is Level 3 data validation? What is Level 3 data quality?
  • Best practices in different communities addressing data quality, e.g., SST error budget
  • Existing IQ frameworks and methodologies (Data View)
  • Quality ontology
  • Quality provenance
  • Quality harmonization
  • Interaction with QA4EO and other international entities dealing with data quality for earth observations

Breakout sessions

  • IQ cluster (terminology, standardization, IQ framework, IQ4EO white paper preparation)
  • Semantic web cluster (to discuss data quality ontology)
  • Air quality cluster


Tuning the summer meeting tangible objectives:

  • White paper(s). Formulate and consistently present user requirements for data quality
  • ...

Suggested speakers:

  • Eloquent representative from a user community who present a compelling story for data quality specific to her/his community. Potential candidates: Jim Hansen for Climate change; Caspar Ammann from UCAR
  • Programmatic view - Martha?
  • Data provider response - Wentz?

Suggested topics:

  • Summarize presentations from the last AGU quality and uncertainty related sessions.
  • Select just few communities to start with - cannot work with too many before and at the meeting
  • Involve educators as a specific community

Suggested workshops:

  • Present accomplishments in data quality area by various ACCESS and ESTO projects.
  • Do actual data quality framework development based on inputs (if any) from the IQ cluster members

Action items

For the summer meeting:

  • Send out a couple of example use cases for data quality requirements (Greg, Chris?)
  • Solicit ideas for breakout sessions (all)
  • Propose more Invited speakers (all)
  • Approach all ESIP cluster/groups/committees to start quality aspect discussions (Greg)

For the IQ cluster:

  • Suggest and invite to the IQ cluster people who might be interested in contributing (all)
  • Identify volunteers for writing best practices in different communities
  • Identify tangible short-term and long-term goals
  • Collect references and build the IQ Knowledge Base
  • Establish telecon day/time (Greg)