Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution 2007

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Doc #: 105 Title: Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution 2007 | Document Link
Organization/Author: UN
Type: "International Report" is not in the list (Report, Workshop, Paper, Website, Presentation, Legislation, Other) of allowed values for the "DocType" property.International Report
Year: 2007
Region: International
Observation Type:
Observation Needs:
Document Status: Unsubmitted, 2009/04/30
Parameters: [[Parameters::OPERATIONAL;O3; NO3; SO4;

NEEDS; O3; NO3; SO4; OC; EC [Coincident measurements; more coverage];aircraft flights; sondes; ground-based lidars; satellite sensors;]]

Description of Document: Coincident measurements of O3 and aerosol components (NO3, SO4, organic and elemental carbon, trace metals), precursors of O3 and aerosol (total reactive nitrogen, peroxyacetyl nitrate, and VOCs, SO2) and atmospheric tracers (such as CO and CO2 and Hg) will strengthen long-range transport assessments and model evaluation efforts