Help:How to manage resources

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Resources are nearly anything that can be obtained via the Uniform resource locators or URLs. So the purpose of the Resources block is to put together links to external or local content — pictures, files, wiki pages, video streams, websites, etc. — important for the understanding of the Portal subject or the Committee philosophy / attitude.

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Pic.1. Sample Resources block.
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In order for this feature to be activated, click the Resources checkbox in the Settings of the main Portal form.

To edit the Resource block on the Portal page click on the icon. You will be provided with a form to fill in.


The resources may be added to other pages as well. Just place the template call on the subject page in the text edit mode, like this:

{{Create resources}}

This will generate the button to create the Resources block for the current page. Once the block is created, use the icon to start adding resources via a form.

Filling in the form

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Pic.2. Sample values for the Resources block.
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Description and Tags
Use these generic fields to create a preface to the whole block and to categorize the set of resources some way.
Adding resources
Push Add a resource button to describe the resource. Push it again to add more resources.
Select the appropriate type of the content
Let wiki know what kind of resource it would be: a picture, a link to a wiki page or an uploaded file, a link to a streaming video or to any other external content.
Link the content
Depending on your choice the form will adapt itself slightly to provide appropriate fields for file uploads, external URLs or wiki page names.
Tune it finely
To make your resource link nice looking and informative, put a short explanatory text to the Link text / Caption field.
Add some context
Enter authors names, date and comment for the resource attribution and context.