Help:How to manage events

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An event is a public or social occasion, especially one of importance. An event is related to a place and time and has participants.

In order for this feature to be activated, click the Events checkbox in the Settings of the main Portal form.

To add an Event click on the icon in the Events block on the Portal page. You will be provided with a form to fill in.

Filling in the form

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Image 1. Filling the Event form.
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The event title
The title must help users understand the reason or purpose of the event, to distinguish it from similar events.
A semicolon-delimited list of the event participants.
Set the event start and end dates, and the time.
This can be set to any geographic location. Please, use a correct address or at least a geographic location name to add the location to the map. First, you can attempt to automatically calculate the coordinates of the location based on the contents of the Location field. If that fails or seems incorrect, just browse the map and click on it to put a pin at the desired point (see Image 1).
Add more details describing the event.
Tagging events
Add tags to categorize events.

Attaching content

Click the Attach button to add an attachment.

Select the appropriate type of the content
Let the wiki know what type of attachment it will be. It can either be: a picture, a link to a wiki page or uploaded file, a link to a streaming video or a link to any other external content.
Link the content
Depending on your choice, the form will adapt itself slightly to provide appropriate fields for file uploads, external URLs or wiki page names.
Improve your attachment
To improve your attachment's appearance and usefulness, put a short explanatory text in the Link text / Caption field.

Publish the Event

Save your changes. The template behind the form will create the layout and will format your Event page automatically. The event will appear shortly on the Portal page. If it is not immediately visible, you can go to the main Portal page and click the Refresh link in the page tools menu.

Browsing events

All Portal events are shown in the Events block on the Portal page using a very compact paginated and sortable table. Sort events by clicking on the table column header. Use the pagination links to navigate back and forth between events.