GEO US 0901a September 2 Telecon

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Progress Report

  • AQ and Health Report is in phase 4/5/6.
    • Stage 4 Methodology has been augmented based on AG feedback.
      • Earth Observations, EO, are classified into Direct Observations, Derived Products and Models.
      • Users are classified into Raw Data Managers, Analysts, and Decision Makers.
    • Stage 5 Analysing documents
      • Significant new docs provided by the AQ
      • Additional docs from Third World

    • Stage 6 Combining Docs/Draft Report
      • Just started

Plan to have draft report prepared and sent to AG by end of September

Telecon Discussion

  • Friedl: prioritasition in multiple ways is good
  • Friedl: EO reports from GEO need to refs 10 yr implementation Plan
  • Friedl: Send email to CEOS and GEO Sec re participation in AG