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GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP) and Process

Architecture Implementation Pilots

Purpose: Testing and demonstrations of interoperable services in the context of specific Scenario

The Scenario, as per GEOSS

2007 Pilot on OGC Site

  • The scenarios provide a narrative description of functionality to be supported by the Pilot.
  • Scenarios are written from an end-users point of view, e.g., policy maker, decision-maker, researcher, etc.
  • Scenarios will be used to develop the demonstrations. Demonstrations are the main outcome of the pilots.

This wiki and the Feb 4, 2008 ISPRA meeting are part of Scenario Development Process

Call for Participation

The Call for Participation invites GEO Members and Participating Organizations to:

  • Participate in the collaborative development of societal benefit scenarios to guide testing and demonstrations of the identified interoperable services.
  • Identify GEOSS Components with services relevant to GEOSS Clearinghouse and GEOSS Web Portals, e.g, specific EO portals, catalogs, and other services;
  • Participate in confirming the interoperability of those identified services using standards and interoperability arrangements of the GEOSS architecture; and,

Tentative Pilot Schedule

  • Dec 2008: GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP) announced
  • Feb 2008: AIP Pilot Scenario Workshop, Ispra, JRC, Italy - (encourage broadest participation in CFP, Rhusar 14:28, 28 January 2008 (EST))
  • June 2008: Call for Participation (CFP) in Pilot
  • July/August 2008: CFP responses due
  • September 2008: Pilot kick-off meeting in Boulder, CO (tentative)
  • Fall/Winter 08: Deploy, integrate, test phase (~4 months)
  • interim results presented at GEO Summit
  • early 2009: Demo Capture Workshop

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Approach to AIP Development

  • Community of Practice Approach, as promoted by GEOSS User Interface Committee
  • Implementation in accordance with the GEOSS Architecture Data Commettee
  • Encourage inter-agency and international contributions
  • Provide strong tech support for both Community of Practice and System-of-Systems Implementation

- Rhusar 17:09, 22 January 2008 (EST)

About GEOSS System of Systems

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