Fall 2006 AGU: Standards-based Interoperabiliity

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)
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Session Title:Standards-based Interoperability among Tools and Data Services in the Earth Sciences

Description: Several groups are actively developing interoperable data access, analysis and display systems based on evolving international standards, such as the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) protocol set. There is a concerted effort to develop demonstrations of the resulting interoperability technologies. The Geo-interface to Atmosphere, Land, Earth, Ocean, netCDF (GALEON) and GEOSS Services Network (GSN) are two interoperability efforts conducted in the context of OGCnetworks. These initiatives are also influencing the evolution of the emerging standards most notably the OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS) to accommodate standards-based access to multi-dimensional Fluid Earth Science datasets. Presentations and demonstrations for this session are encouraged for similar interoperability efforts in addition to GALEON and GSN. There will be a special electronic poster area set up for live, online demonstrations of these interoperability technologies.

Interoperability Session Schedule

Oral Session IN42A , Thursday Dec 14, 10:20-12:20 Mosconi Center South 309

  • 81020 OGC Interoperability Standards Development, G Percivall
  • 1035 Aggregation and Push-Based Distribution of THREDDS Catalogs ...G M Manzella, P Mazzetti, S Nativi, L Bigagli, L Pecci
  • 1050 Collaborative Science Using Web Services and the SciFlo Grid Dataflow Engine, B D Wilson, G Manipon, Z Xing, T Yunck
  • 1105 A Spatial Data Infrastructure to Facilitate Earth System Science in Siberia, C C Schmullius, R Gerlach, S Hese
  • 1120 NASA's Earth Science Data Systems Standards Process... R Ullman, *Y Enloe
  • 1135 NASA's Earth Science Gateway:... N Alameh, M Bambacus, *M Cole
  • 1150 Data Integration Support for Data Served in the OPeNDAP and OGC Environments, K R McDonald
  • 1205 GALEON Phase 2: ... ....*B Domenico, S Nativi, A Woolf, T Whittaker, R B Husar, L Bigagli

Poster Session IN43C, Thursday Dec 14, 13:40-18:00 Mosconi Canter West L2

  • Providing a Standardized Approach for Cataloging, Discovering, and Utilizing Open Source Geospatial Software and Tools through NASA's Global Change Master Directory (GCMD), *T B Stevens
  • Dynamic Access to Cryospheric Data at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) J Maurer, R Swick
  • Developing Components of a Distributed Earth System Observatory using Open Source Technology, B Braswell, C Vorosmarty, A Magill, B Fekete, S Glidden, D Justice, A Schloss, A Proussevitch, M Fahnestock
  • Notification of Detailed Observation and Model Results Using RSS, D R Forrest Jr., H V Wang, C Friedrichs
  • Standards Challenges in the Climate Sciences, D Lowe, *A Woolf, B N Lawrence, P Cooper
  • Geo-Information Catalog Services Interoperability: an Experimented Tool, S Nativi, L Bigagli, P Mazzetti, U Mattia
  • Leveraging Open Standard Interfaces in Accessing and Processing NASA Data Model Outputs, S R Falke, N S Alameh, K Hoijarvi, J de La Beaujardiere, M J Bambacus
  • Interactive Multimedia Prototype for Creating Case Studies in the Earth Sciences, W J Weber, B J Etherton, S Holmberg
  • Object Persistence within Information Systems, how Relational Databases and Data Access Frameworks interoperate with Ontology based Portals. J H Garcia, P Fox, P West