Expectations from AIP-2

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Goals for Participation in GEOSS AIP

AIP-2 is a community-driven, multi-organizational collaborative effort where the organizations participating share a vision for interoperability of environmental information systems. However, each organization has its own reasons for participating and envisioned benefits. This page is an attempt to capturing the various goals across participants in order to understand their unique perspectives and to define common objectives that can help focus the AIP-2 effort.

R. Husar

  • Interoperable, persistent AQ data access services gathered from AIP participants
  • Data services registered through Community Catalog and Search/Access through Clearinghouse
  • Pursue a persistent, core AQ data network

S. Falke

  • Smoke forecast output through WCS in GEOSS
  • Data access chained with data analysis/processing
  • Community portal and catalog interoperability with GCI
  • Develop persistent demonstrations of AQ-GEOSS
  • Define approach to sensor/monitor metadata

S. McClure

  • Better awareness of community interoperability efforts
  • Better understanding and use of proposed GEOSS standards
  • Standardization of intra- and inter-system data exchange
  • Leveraging and reuse of existing resources through service-chaining
  • Increased value of existing development investments
  • Improved resource availability and decision-making for end users