ExCom April 2012

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP Federation Executive Committee, April 12, 2012

Attendees: Curt TIlmes, John Scialdone, Stephen Berrick, Ken Keiser, Stefan Falke, Annette Schloss, Becky Reid, Patricia Huff, Brian Wilson, Sayeed Choudhury Carol Meyer, Erin Robinson

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Annette Schloss at 2:08 pm EDT.

  1. Approval of March minutes - A motion to adopt was made by Steve Berrick, with John Scialdone offering a second. The minutes were approved by acclamation.
  2. Summer Meeting Update - Carol updated ExCom that 28 sessions have been submitted for breakouts and workshops at the summer meeting. Registration is off to a slow start, but that is consistent with patterns we have seen in previous years.
    • The plenary sessions are coming together:
      • The first 1.5 hour speakers are awaiting confirmation, but will be two solo presenters and then a panel highlighting NASA and NOAA innovation
      • The second 1.5 hour will highlight the "Innovators among us" - ESIP members will present in 5 or 9 minute presentations about their work or ESIP collaboration area work. Submit your ideas by May 15 for a talk.
      • Lea Shanley, Director of the Commons Lab at Woodrow Wilson Center, will provide a lunchtime talk on the connection between technology and policy.
  3. C&B Chair Vacancy - A call went out to the current members of Constitution and Bylaws Committee (C&B) to see if there was interest in stepping in as chair. No one on the committee is able at this time to step in as chair. Chris Lenhardt, former ESIP President, is interested in the position. He worked with Rob closely on the latest round of changes and is familiar with the work that is left to do. Both C&B and ExCom felt Chris was a good replacement. ExCom voted and by acclamation Chris Lenhardt was accepted as Chair.
  4. Raskin Memorial – Rob Raskin's sister approached the Federation on behalf of Rob's family, to start a memorial for Rob within ESIP. A small working group of Rob’s colleagues and collaborators was put together to begin discussions on an appropriate memorial. The working group is open and if interested, let Carol know. The ideas being discussed are posted on a wiki page for the Raskin Scholarship.
  5. Other Business
    • Student Fellow Update - Erin reported that there were 40 applications submitted and the Foundation hopes to grow the fellowship to 10 Fellows. The applications are going through the review process now and by ExCom next month a new class of fellows should be in place.
    • Foundation/ESIP Funding Update - The Foundation submitted proposals to both NASA and NOAA on behalf of the Federation in the last two weeks.
    • Committee Reports
      • P&S - Ken reported that the State of Art template will be filled out by all of the testbed projects. P&S is also establishing IT infrastructure to support the projects via the cloud and GitHub as a source code repository. Christine White will have the Discovery testbed deployed on the Amazon Cloud by the next P&S meeting.
      • Education - Becky Reid reported that Education would also work to fill out a state of art template. Margaret Mooney represented the ESIP Education Committee at NESTA and had a lot of interest in the Teacher Workshop.
      • Stewardship - Curt reported that the Committee would also work on a state of art template. Also in collaboration with Peter Fox, he is working on the Global Climate Information System and looking to tie that back to the ESIP Stewardship Committee.
      • IT&I - Erin reported that the IT&I Committee has laid out the next several months of Rants and Raves - CF Rant, Ted Habermann, May; Cloud Computing, Rick Martin, June; US GIN/ISO 19115 Updates, Steve Richard, September; Others welcome.

A motion to adjourn was made by Ken Keiser and seconded by Steve Berrick. The meeting adjourned at 2:46 EDT.