Raskin Scholarship

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

In the wake of Rob Raskin's untimely death, his family has approached the Foundation for Earth Science/ESIP Federation to explore the possibility of establishing a scholarship in memory of Rob and to preserve his community-minded legacy for generations to come. This page serves as a workplace for the small task team (Rob's colleagues, his family and ESIP leadership) to share ideas and to sharpen the focus of the scholarship idea.

Task Team Members

Family: Lisa Steele
JPL: Ed Armstrong, Chris Mattman, Victor Zlotnicki
Collaborators: Peter Fox, Phil Yang
ESIP Leadership: Karl Benedict, Annette Schloss
Staff: Carol Meyer, Erin Robinson

Desired Impact

To provide scholarship support for students of the next generation of Earth science data/technology/informatics leaders...


  • Tuition support
  • Student stipend
  • Travel support to ESIP Meeting
  • Research support
  • Internship within ESIP member organizations
  • Travel support for AGU Meeting?

Thematic Focus

  • Semantics
  • Cyberinfrastructure
  • GIS - particularly improved accessibility and usability of Earth Science data within GIS environments
  • Computers in Geosciences
  • Collaboration
  • Community Building

Next Steps

  • Continue to Iterate on Scope/Focus (All)
  • Legal Requirements (Meyer)
  • Financial Requirements for Sustainability -- how much funds do we need to keep the fund going? - this will depend upon some of the options selected above.
  • Suggestion to have a plenary session from the Raskin fellow at the ESIP meeting. Maybe give them 5-10-15 mins to talk about their interests and the students and reaching out to the community.