European Exchange and Monitoring Information and State of AQ in 2007

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Doc #: 94 Title: European Exchange and Monitoring Information and State of AQ in 2007 | Document Link
Organization/Author: EIONET
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Year: 2007
Region: Europe
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Parameters: SO2, NO2 NOx PM10, PM25, Pb, CO, Benzene, O3, VOC, Heavy metals-Pb, PAH

Description of Document: Current EU air quality legislation, Council Decision (97/101/EC), requires the European Commission to prepare yearly a technical report on the meta information and air quality data flows that have been exchanged among the EU Member States and the Commission. Besides, the member and collaborating countries of the European Environment Agency, which include EU (potential) candidate countries and EFTA states, have agreed to follow this reporting procedure as well. All this information is made available in the AIRBASE database, accessible at This technical report provides an overview of the reporting cycle on the data for 2007.

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