Epidemiology of long-term air pollution effects

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Doc #: Title: Epidemiology of long-term air pollution effects” | Document Link
Organization/Author: Bert Brunekreef,
Type: Workshop
Year: 2006
Region: Europe
Observation Type:
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Document Status: Unsubmitted, 2009/09/00"2009/09/00" contains a sequence that could not be interpreted against an available match matrix for date components.

Description of Document: PM10, 2.5 TSP, black smoke, ozone, NO2 Lack of studies on long-term effects of air pollution on mortality and morbidity in Europe. Studies have been published utilizing within-city contrasts in traffic-related pollution (Hoek et al. 2002; Nafstad et al. 2003; Nafstad et al. 2004; Filleul et al. 2005). A control study has linked lung cancer to similar within-city pollution contrasts (Nyberg et al. 2000). Also, high intra-urban spatial correlations between PM2.5, NO2 and Black Smoke have been shown (Brauer et al. 2002; Gehring et al. 2002, Lewne et al. 2004). Chronic morbidity and markers thereof are currently investigated only in the Swiss SAPALDIA cohort (Ackermann-Liebrich et al, 1997; Zemp et al, 1999)